Photo description: A photo EMI FARAI, a dark skinned woman in a durag layered on top of a picture of a angel talking to clergy.


Established in 2018, iME Cosmetics operates in two planes. A customizable lifestyle makeup brand that aims to be inclusive of all people as well as a progressive retail establishment. Our philosophy rests in the idea of creative experimentation. We are currently pre-launch and developing a series of pop-stores and products that aim to push the boundaries and to deliver our customers a completely unique experience.

iME Cosmetics was founded by Emi Farai, a former expat in South Korea who lived and worked as a teacher and a model. It was on the set of a VOGUE editorial shoot in 2017, that she began to conceptualize the concept for iME Cosmetics. As person who exists in many realities and who likes to play with beauty and masculinity, Emi felt that there were not many brands out there that catered to people like her, nor were there any Korean-made makeup lines that catered to people with her skin tone.

Emi seeks to create spaces and products for every person on the beauty spectrum.